Daylight Savings
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March 09, 2018
By Charlotte Image Photography, Inc.
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Spring is almost here, I am so excited for the longer days. I am not a big fan of the cold, unless I am skiing. I am really a fall guy but the spring brings along some great feelings and memories. Spring training is underway and my favorite past time of Baseball is soon to begin. Each year I am hopeful my Baltimore Oriels will bring home a championship. I absolutely love the blooms on all the trees and bushes. However I am not a fan of the pollen. 

One of my favorite memories from spring. Jessica and I took the kids to the Nanathala River one year. We camped out and took the kids down the river. What a great experience. I will never forget that trip. We booked a cabin on the river which was rustic but we love that type of vacation. 

Feel free to add you favorite thing about spring or your favorite memory. 

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